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We're Back!

It seems as if the shop has been offline for years but in fact it's been about 18 months. We're rebuilding slowly but surely, with new products being added every day.  Even if you don't see what you want today, check back tomorrow because you may find it.  If you can't find your favourite perfume, drop us an email, you may find we can help. Remember, we sell vintage fragrances from all over the world.  If vintage isn't your style, take a look at all the latest releases. Happy browsing!

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Commuter Smells

Anyone having to use public transport knows what I mean when I say trains, busses and subways are not pleasant places any day of the week, never mind a hot day!   On a daily basis I marvel that at such an early time in the morning, the person in front of me smells like they've just rolled out of the nearest garbage dump and onto my train!  Yes, it's my train, I've taken ownership! Wouldn't it be wonderful if, similar to the proposed weapon barriers, we had a "safe smell" barrier?  As you pass through, if you didn't pass the 'safe for other passengers to sit next to' test, it would bleep and you wouldn't be allowed entry! Failing...

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